SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. (WJMN) — Local 3 has learned why Michigan State Police say the moments a man was shot by an officer was not filmed by body or dash cameras. A spokesperson for MSP tells us that’s because all but one member of the Emergency Support Team searching for James Kamal Itani was inside a Bearcat, an armored police vehicle. Video does exist from a camera on a police helicopter above the incident.

The Bearcats used by Emergency Support Teams are not equipped with dash cameras, and the lone officer outside the vehicle was manning a turret the vehicle is equipped with on top. Any footage from that officer’s body camera would be blocked by the turret’s armor, according to the spokesperson.

The spokesperson did provide details on how police say the shooting happened: As officers in the armored vehicle were arriving to the trailer Itani was inside, he exited the trailer and began shooting. That’s when the officer on the turret shot back, critically wounding Itani.

Body cameras then activated after the officers exited the Bearcat to show the team approaching and administering first aid.

Local 3 is filing a FOIA request for the aerial footage.

This is a developing story. Local 3 will keep you updated with the latest information right here.

(Originally posted 9/26) — Michigan State Police have released body camera footage of the moments after a Florida man was shot by officers earlier this month. Police say he first shot at the officers, who were searching for him on a property near Sault Ste. Marie.

No officers were hurt in the encounter. Police have blurred the image of the suspect in the video which shows several officers approaching and administering first aid.

A statement sent along with MSP’s response to our FOIA request reads:

There is no dash camera footage related to this incident. There is no body camera footage prior to or at the time of the shooting. The body camera footage within the first 10 minutes after the shooting has been provided.

Local 3 has reached out to MSP to learn why there is no video recorded before what was provided. We have also reached out to learn if the independent investigation of the shooting has concluded. We expect to learn its outcome in the coming days.

The day before the shooting, James Kamal Itani is accused of entering the parking lot of the nearby MSP post in the early morning before torching and shooting at patrol cars. He fled, and the next day police got a search warrant for a property off Riverside Road where he was believed to be staying. That is where the shooting would later happen.

Itani spent several days hospitalized in critical condition. After his release he was arraigned on one felony count of terrorism, third-degree arson and 11 counts of assault with intent to murder. He also faces numerous weapons charges.

This is a developing story. Local 3 will keep you updated with the latest information right here.