SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. (WJMN) – It has been 25 years since Robert ‘Bob’ Dale went missing on May 18, 1996, in Sault Ste. Marie. And to this day, his family continues to search for answers as to what exactly happened to Bob that night.

On the night of his disappearance, Bob Dale and his wife Kristi attended a wedding reception in the area of Six Mile and Mackinac Trail. They departed the gathering at approximately 11:10 p.m. Multiple witnesses place him in a northbound van on Mackinac Trail, driven by his wife Kristi, bound for The Downtowner Bar before a second vehicle turned onto Six Mile Road.

“May 18th, 1996 we received a phone call that following morning, approximately five or six in the morning from Bob’s wife Kristi, that she called and she was somewhat frantic stating that she couldn’t find Bob, he’s missing,” said Bob’s brother, Scott Dale.

At first, Scott and his wife didn’t think much of Bob’s disappearance, assuming he was at a friend’s house. After realizing how frantic Bob’s wife was, they began searching for Bob.

“Literally by the end of the following day, there were helicopters in the air, there were boats in the water, there were hundreds of people. Michigan State Police, Sault Police, Sault Tribe police, sheriff, DNR. We were doing an extensive search because he was last reported seen was downtown, the downtown area. Now today we know that’s different,” said Scott.

Extensive search was done, but Bob was still not found.

In 2013, Bob’s family created ‘Find Bob Dale’, a Facebook page that has helped to get the word out about Bob’s disappearance. Scott and his wife have been working with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Department all these years, providing the police with any tips and information they receive.

“Facebook’s been an incredible investigative tool to use. A lot of times we post things on Bob’s page that, to most people, doesn’t make any sense. But the reason we do stuff like that is because is to get a reaction from certain people that were [getting] investigated at the time. And it works, it’s a very useful tool.”

Within the last month, the family has been releasing bits of information/tips online in regards to Bob’s case. Scott says they believe they know who is involved in Bob’s disappearance, and where and when it happened.

“I will let you know that the people we believed are involved have been incredibly tight-lipped about it. We’re still in the process of interviewing new people, so hopefully, something will come from that.”

The Dale family hopes to bring Bob home soon, and bring peace to the situation.

In our web exclusive, Scott Dale discusses what it’s been like for him and his family since his brother disappeared.

Local 3 has reached out for comment from Detective Sergeant Darrell Harp with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Department. Harp is the lead investigator on Bob Dale’s case.

If you have any information at all in connection to Bob Dale’s disappearance, please call the Sault Ste. Marie Police Department at 906-632-5744 or anonymously at

Poster courtesy of Michael Neiger