FOND DU LAC (WFRV) – It’s been nearly two months since Fond du Lac police officer Ryan Williams was wounded in a shooting. He is now back on the job with limited duty.”I don’t have any reservations, I like what I do, I like what I do for a living,” Williams said.Williams is back to work just seven weeks after being shot twice in the chest. His K-9 partner, Grendel, was also shot and is on the mend as well. But, the only that’s holding Officer Williams back now is a sore shoulder.”It feels good to be back, it kind of puts some structure in your day,” said Williams.Williams says the shooting hasn’t made him afraid of being on the force, but he will be more cautious, especially in situations like the one on March 20, where Williams and Grendel were injured as they entered a home.”I could imagine that being in a stairwell in a similar circumstance it’s going to raise the hair on the back of my neck, I’m going to be a lot more alert,” Williams said.Craig Birkholz, Williams’ friend and co-worker, was killed that day. Williams says he is honoring him by being back at work.”His saying was always stay strong, stay positive, stay safe,” said Williams. “I think by me getting back to work and living out his words is the best way to honor him.”The department is glad to have Williams and Grendel back. Chief Tony Barthuly calls them an inspiration. “It’s a big day, it’s a big step for him, and for our department,” Barthuly said. “The next big step will be when he puts his blues on and gets back in the squad car.” Officer Williams is still working on building up his strength. He is already back to biking 25 miles a day, and plans on participating in the June 4 Birky Challenge, a 67 mile bike ride to honor Officer Craig Birkholz.”That’s a big thing, to prove stuff to yourself, that I can do it, that I can get out there, and for my dog, he’s anxious he wants to get back out there,” Williams said.While on limited duty, Williams will make public appearances. He plans to visit local schools to thank them for their support. For more information on the Birky Challenge, click here.