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MARQUETTE — While kids are getting ready to head back to school in just a couple of weeks, Marquette’s Graveraet School is getting ready for the students.

In just a couple of months, they’ve managed to remodel the office, create a new first floor classroom, and update the auditorium dressing room.

But if you’ve happened to pass by the school on Front Street, you’ve most likely noticed that the changes aren’t limited to the inside of the building.

By the beginning of the school year, Graveraet will also have their 5 car parking cut-out completed.

Bill Saunders, MAPS Superintendent told Local 3, “With school security and safety what it is now, parents were being forced to park in the back, and walk around to the front. So, a parent that shows up now to pick up their child for a dentist appointment, doctor’s appointment, will be able to park in front on Front Street. Just short, 10 minute parking, run in, pick up their child, and be able to go.”

The cut-out will also be used for handicapped parking space during night time activities at the school.

The indoor and outdoor projects will be complete before September 5th, which is the first day for all Marquette area public schools.