L’Anse, Mich. (WJMN) – In a release issued on Monday, Hilltop Family Restaurant in L’Anse will be closing its doors.

The release came from Timothy C. Quinnell, Attorney for Hilltop Family Restaurant, LLC. Declining sales, plus increased costs are cited as reasons for what is being listed as a temporary closure of the business.

Hilltop’s owner is in conversation with a possible manager to take over all aspects of the business. Selling the business to a third party is also under consideration.

Known for its famous sweet rolls, baked goods, Hilltop has been part of the L’Anse community for years.

According to the release, “Hilltop expects a decision to reopen will be made very soon. When the
restaurant is reopened, everyone can expect the same high quality layered
meatloaf, fish fry, and, of course, the sweet rolls.”

No date has been announced for a possible reopening.