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ESCANABA — The Marquette Catholic Diocese announced this morning that Holy Name High School will be reopening. The Escanaba school was closed in 1971 and has been used as a K-8 school ever since.

A 10.7 million dollar campaign is to cover opening the school and daily operations as well as scholarships for students.

Joe Carlson, Holy Name Principal, tells the Radio Results Network, “Our enrollment is growing, there’s a lot of great things that we can offer and we just feel like now is the time. We’ve completed a feasibility study, it showed that it was going to be positive and well received and it’s feasible. So, we’re excited about this internally and externally and we hope it’s a great option for other Catholic school students throughout the area.”

The high school is expected to open in 2021 with a freshman and sophmore class. The school will also continue to be used for K-8 students.