Informational meeting held on possible rocket launch site

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K.I. SAYWER– Many people are hoping that Sawyer International Airport could possibly be home to a rocket launch site in the future. There was an informational presentation on the project today.

State lawmakers have re-launched a $2.5 million grant to subsidize a rocket site somewhere in Michigan and it could be in Marquette County. 

“What we look for is the launches not effect populated areas,” said Gavin Brown, Executive Director, Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association. “To be able to utilize restricted air space. We don’t have to go to the FAA to get the commercial space. And thirdly is looking at the people. Looking at those folks that with a rich dynamic interest in building their futures with aerospace and defense.”

The organization informed the community how this would benefit the area. The Michigan Launch Initiative launch site will conduct 22-25 launches per year. The estimated revenue per launch is $15 million or $375 million per year.

“You’re looking at thousand plus jobs,” said Brown. “And these jobs are high paying. Plus the economic impact. They estimate anywhere from $8.3 billion to over $12 billion over a decade.”

The official location of the site will be chosen by the end of July with construction in 2021 and launches beginning in 2022.

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