Informational workshop held on the signs of human trafficking

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IRON MOUNTAIN– Human trafficking is a worldwide issue. The illegal sale or trade of a human being for labor or sexual exploitation. 

Unfortunately, human trafficking is not limited to big cities in the U.S. It’s a real problem right here in the Upper Peninsula. Communities that Care held an informational workshop in Iron Mountain to teach the signs of human trafficking.

“There is a lot more human trafficking in the United States than I think people are aware of and it is in our area, people may not know it, so I think it’s good that people know the signs and do know how to help someone in that situation,” said Sandra Teske, Prevention Coordinator Assistant, Great Lakes Recovery/Communities that Care.

A main point that was made was that anyone can fall victim to trafficking through three means: force, fraud, or coercion. Some indicators of human trafficking include, but are not limited to: injuries that they are reluctant to explain, unable to provide an address, not in possession of an I-D, not in control of their money, or demonstrates a fearful or even hostile behavior when being provided assistance.

“What we need to remember and is always out there is that many of these victims are hidden in plain sight,” said Teske.

Human trafficking victims can be any age, race, or gender. If you think someone is a victim of trafficking call your local authorities

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