The following is a release from the Iron Mountain Police Department regarding winter parking and right of way parking after winter:

At this time the Iron Mountain Police Department will not be enforcing the winter parking ban in the city due to the warmer weather. Please be advised that should the weather conditions change causing the Department of Public Works plows to come out, we will again enforce the parking ban. Everyone is encouraged to watch the weather and remove vehicles from the roadway if needed.

At this time want to remind the public that during the parking ban they are allowed to park in the public right of way on the boulevard but that when the parking ban is not in affect they are not allowed to park on the unpaved public right of way or boulevard. This is going to be enforced beginning May 1st due to the need to preserve the Public Right of Way and infrastructure. See below for further explanation.

(a) No person shall park or cause to be parked any motorized vehicle in any manner requiring such vehicle to be driven over an established curb for purposes of ingress or egress.

(b)  No person shall park or cause to be parked any motorized vehicle in unpaved public right-of-way adjacent to the paved portion of an existing public road,

{c} This section shall not be applicable to established driveways servicing a garage or in any Cotijer area previously paved and utilized for parking of motor vehicles.