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LANSING – State Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain, today announced the creation of a special website to keep people informed about the House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates and give Michigan drivers a chance to get their voices heard.

The committee today launched, allowing anyone to easily offer input that could help shape future legislation.

“This is a great opportunity for residents in the Upper Peninsula to tell their personal stories and help their voice be heard when it comes to lowering car insurance rates for every driver across the state,” said LaFave, who serves on the committee. “If we are going to craft a solution that better serves the interests of Michigan families, it only makes sense to hear from the very people being affected by the highest average car insurance premiums in the nation.”

The committee website will include a news tab allowing residents to keep up to date with developments and committee meeting schedules. Ideas submitted by Michigan drivers concerning legislation will go directly to the committee, assuring every submission will be considered.

“Please share your stories,” LaFave said. “This helps ensure everyone has a seat at the table, and provides much-needed transparency and accountability to the process. As I’ve toured the district for the past three years, I’ve heard time and time again that this is the number one priority residents want remedied. I want a solution and have been fighting an uphill battle to get one across the finish line. Now is your time to join the fight.”

LaFave also encourages residents to “like” the Facebook page to follow the latest news regarding the committee.