Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice shows people how to connect with those with dementia

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MARQUETTE– Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice is on a mission to help people care for their loved ones with dementia.

They were at Brookridge Heights in Marquette today to present, “Making Connections with Those with Dementia” The agency says the most common thing dementia caregivers struggle with is connecting with the person.

“Living in their truth. We were all taught to tell people the truth,” said Susie Lefler, Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice. “When you’re caring, jump into their truth because to them it is, it’s real to them what’s going on and so we need to go back in their lifetime and what they’re seeing.” 

Since people with dementia cannot retain short -term memory, examples were given of how to connect with them like reminising on old memories, singing songs they would sing growing up and looking at old pictures. 

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