Laney’s Story: Finding a cure for EHE

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Laney Wahl is a high school freshman,  an all ‘A’ honor student and excels in athletics. She is also living everyday like it could be her last. A little more than two years ago Laney was diagnosed with ‘Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma’ or E.H.E. A rare form of cancer. It has no treatment and little funding for research.

Julia Wahl, Laney’s mother said, “So, I was in my office all through the night, she came in and said, ‘Mom, why are you so stressed out? It’s not like I have cancer…’ And I just sat there and looked at her and she said, ‘Do I have cancer?’ I didn’t know what to say to her and she said, ‘Mom! Do I have cancer?’ and I said, ‘Yes. You have cancer.'”

Laney Wahl, who was diagnosed with E.H.E said, “I get all of my support from everybody else. Strength comes from the people around you. And so, the fact that I’ve had such an amazing support group the whole time. Has really helped me.”

Laney’s cancer is in remission right now, but she receives scans every 3 months to determine if the cancer has reoccurred.  There are only 320 cases of E.H.E. worldwide with a mortality rate of 16 to 67%, depending on the type of tumor. 

Julia Wahl said, “This cancer can go from being dormant to being aggressive with no reason. We don’t know the reason yet so there is little to no warning. And right now, she is dormant. Which is wonderful. And what we want to do is raise money for research to figure out how to keep it dormant.”

Through their efforts to raise money and find a cure, they created the E.H.E. Foundation with the motto ‘Just Live.’ Since its beginning, two sister-foundations have been created in the U.K. and Australia. Between them, more than $500,000 has been raised for research. 

Laney said, “It was kinds of overwhelming at first. But I was like, ‘You know what? It’s going to help out a lot of people. It’s going to make me feel good doing it.’ So, we did it. 

This Sunday, “Team Laney” will be holding the ‘Day out for E.H.E. Research’ at the Sportsman’s Club in Gladstone. There will be food, games and thousands of dollars of raffle prizes. All proceeds raised will go to E.H.E. research.

For more information on the event like the Facebook page ‘Team Laney Cure EHE,’ e-mail or call (906) 280-6432.

To learn more about E.H.E or to donate directly go to www. 

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