Legislation: starting school before Labor Day

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Legislation that could allow local districts to decide whether to start the school year before Labor Day has passed the House Education Committee, and is now pending before the House Ways and Means Committee.

House Bill 4369 was sponsored by Republican Steven Johnson.

“All of the kids are at school (in August) doing marching band practice, sports practice, a number of extracurricular activities, but they’re not in the classroom learning because of a government mandate,”  Johnson (R-Wayland) said. “It’s time we eliminate that. This bill is purely common sense. It is making sure that the locals have a say in it. It’s about working with our educational community to do what’s best for the kids, not to do what’s best for certain select special interests.”

State law has mandated an after-Labor Day start to encourage more people to take a vacation over the Labor Day weekend, and boosting Michigan’s tourism industry. School districts have been able to apply for a waiver from the Michigan Department of Education to start earlier, but those aren’t always approved.

Schools in Dickinson and Iron Counties have started before Labor Day for years under waivers granted by the M-D-E.

Negaunee Public Schools will begin the 2019-2010 school year before Labor Day.  Get the details here.

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