Living life on wheels

Local News

MARQUETTE– Hundreds of construction workers are on the job at the new UPHS-Marquette hospital, but not many of them go home at the end of the day to a home that’s a bus.

“I’m at the Marquette hospital replacement project and I’m a union electrician,” said Kory Kangas, electrical worker. “I travel for a living and I bring my home with me.”

Originally from North Carolina, Kangas parks his bus at local campgrounds. He’s one of about 87 electricians on the project right now and says he’s not the only one that travels for this kind of work.

“My two partners are from Louisiana and we’re from all over,” said Kangas. “They’re a little short on some manpower and we don’t mind helping out fill the calls.”

The duration of Kangas’ job always changes. On average, he stays in one area about six months. 
He says he chose the Marquette are based on its natural beauty.

“We’re enjoying the area,” said Kangas. “It’s so pretty. Very picturesque and a good working environment.”

Life of the bus may seem like a simple life, but Kangas says it keeps life interesting.

“I’m moving around from different campsites,” said Kangas. “I get a variety and it keeps things interesting for me and I enjoy it very much.”

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