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Local 3's Rebecca Bartelme participates in Emergency Response Drill

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CHAMPION - Today, Local 3's very own Rebecca Bartelme putting her acting skills to the test.

In the emergency response drill at Humboldt, Becca posed as an injured worker. While some character injuries were meant to be physical, Becca's was more psychological.

"It was really cool," said Bartelme. "My injury wasn't as severe as the others so I didn't have as much treatment done to me but it was really cool to see what it was like when they would take care of someone who was minorly injured like me versus someone who was severely injured."

And having some prior acting experience definitely came in handy.

"Growing up I did a couple of shows, a couple of musicals so I thought I was pretty good," said Bartelme. "I thought it was pretty convincible."

Though Becca's performance was good, probably more important was the performance of the emergency response team.

"I think they did very well. They asked me all of the questions they needed to and by the end, I was walking free and as healthy as a bee."

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