Local emergency crews participate in active violence training

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MARQUETTE– It’s something you never want to happen, but it’s something local emergency personnel wants to be prepared for.

“Just think it keeps everyone skills up,” said Detective Sgt. Chris Aldrich, Marquette City Police. “Any new type of information we’re receiving we can send that out to our officers and make sure their best prepared for these type of situations if they ever do occur in the area.”

Crews met at Marquette Senior High School to go over the active violence and critical incident training.

“Get to know the building a little better for those officers that maybe aren’t in our building so frequently,” said Bill Saunders, MAPS Superintendent. “And then conduct the latest exercises that would certainly help with the safety security of our students and staff.”

One of the purposes of the training is for local law enforcement to have clear communication with EMS and fire crews. The Marquette City Fire Department says this is a new kind of training for them.

“It’s been in the works as far as communication and getting equipment,” said Sgt. Kirk Vogler, Marquette City Fire Department. “This is vital for us, the training. We work a lot with the city police department. We’re on a lot of the scenes but actually getting the communication down, everybody being on the same page moving through hallways and stuff appropriately and safely, it’s important training for us.”

Crews train in either a school or business about once or twice a year and cover the whole drill.

“Our response from being in a patrol car, all the way up to coming into the building dealing with the situation and then incorporating with fire and EMS to get the victims of the situation out and to medical treatment,” said Aldrich.

The training will continue again tomorrow at Marquette Senior High School.

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