Man rescued from woods in Forsyth Township

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FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — A man was rescued from the woods after being found in a serious medical condition Sunday morning in Forsyth Township.

According to the Forsyth Township Police Department, officers responded to a report of a vehicle that was stuck in the road on Martin Lake Road around 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning, and that the driver of the vehicle was in serious need of medical attention.

Further investigation determined that the driver of the pickup got the vehicle stuck sometime during the night on Saturday.

Officers say that a friend went out looking for him Sunday morning, and discovered the truck in the snow. He then tracked the driver’s footprints through the snow which lead into the woods, where he was found. The friend then called 911.

Forsyth officers also tracked the footprints of both the victim and the friend, where they then heard the friend yelling for help. They attempted to walk the victim out of the woods, but could not because of weather conditions. A fire was then built.

A Forsyth Fire Department member, on his own snowmobile, had heard the call and went to the scene – where he followed the tracks to the victim. A Forsyth Township EMT had also walked to the scene with a sled, and they were able to get the victim out and fly him to U.P. Health Systems.

Officials are still unsure of how long the victim was in the woods overnight. No updates on his condition have yet been released.

Forsyth township Police were also assisted by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office.

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