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MARQUETTE — The Marquette Area Public Schools board met tonight and the topic of guns was on the agenda.

Board members voted in favor of opposing current concealed carry legislation that recently passed the Michigan Senate.

The law would allow licensed gun owners with additional training to carry a concealed weapon in a school.

The superintendent explains part of the reason why he’s opposed to the concealed carry law.

Bill Saunders is the MAPS Superintendent. He says, “In my experience we’ve never needed a weapon in school from our own law enforcement let alone somebody off the street to have to use a weapon in school whether it be for their protection or the protection of our staff and students.” 

The plan is to have State Representative Sara Cambensy let Gov. Snyder know the board is opposed to the concealed carry legislation.

It still has to be passed by Michigan’s House of Representatives and then signed by the governor before becoming law.