Marijuana sales discussed in Marquette

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The topic of recreational marijuana businesses came up again for the City of Marquette.

A public hearing was held to find out what people in the community think about the topic.

Commissioners also took the opportunity to ask questions and learn from people in the audience who have experience or knowledge about the industry.

The city commission previously voted to opt out of allowing recreational marijuana businesses until the State of Michigan establishes certain rules.

Then, the city will reconsider allowing recreational marijuana businesses.

City Manager Ron Keefe adds, “This is our chance to now look at before those rules come out what the City Commission might want to do in terms of the types of establishments that they could see located in the city.”

Some people also spoke out tonight against having marijuana businesses in the city.

The plan is to have more public hearings about this issue where the commission would get more feedback from people and discuss specifics like zoning.

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