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MARQUETTE — Nine candidates are running for two open Marquette City Commission seats.
The August 6th primary will narrow the field down to four candidates before the general election on November 5th, which will decide the new commissioners.

In preparation for elections, Local 3’s Korinne Griffith will be interviewing each of the candidates to learn more about their campaign and what they hope to accomplish by serving on the Marquette City Commission. This is the candidate profile of Andrew Lorinser.

A 30-year resident of Marquette, Andrew Lorinser says his love of the city and his eagerness to serve his neighbors led him to run for the Marquette City Commission.

“There are some people in the city of Marquette who feel voiceless, and so I want them to know that, at least with me, I will always be available to you,” explains Lorinser. “One of the big things I’m running on is constituent engagement, government accountability. I want people to be able to feel like they have representation of themselves, of their family inside government.”

Lorinser spends most days knocking on doors and speaking with voters. He says a major concern raised by those people is affordability in Marquette.

“It’s not just purchasing a house but it’s the amenities that people buy; your water rates, your sewage rates, and your property taxes too. These are things that are making Marquette a less affordable place to live and that’s something that I hope to accomplish,” says Lorinser.

Inclusivity is another issue commonly brought up by constituents, according to Lorinser.

“We want to make Marquette a really inclusive place for everybody. We live in a very distinct place. With 21,000 people here in a 21st-century election cycle, you have the ability to engage the entire constituency. You have the ability to bring a voice of every single voter to the table, and that’s something I want to accomplish by making sure that Marquette is a place that we can all share and love,” says Lorinser.

Lorinser is also a big proponent of environmental issues including protecting our lakes and providing safe, clean water for all residents of Marquette.

“We need to preserve our water…we don’t want to end up like Flint. We need to make sure that there’s no lead in our water, that there’s no PFAS. It is something that I’m constantly thinking about and that I’m constantly getting feedback on from Marquette,” explains Lorinser. 

He continues, “This is why we love Marquette. It’s the water, it’s the trails, the wilderness, the walking. That’s something that we all share.”

A major hot-button topic in Marquette has been shoreline development. Lorinser says he wants to preserve the lakefront for residents and visitors.

“Marquette needs to grow. It does need to grow responsibly though and what we see when we’re seeing high rise condo developments is kind of overdevelopment,” says Lorinser. “I want to preserve this place for working class families, for people who want to visit the shoreline every day, who want access to that beach.”

On his website, Lorinser says development along the shoreline should considered on a case-by-case basis and he believes residents should be able to weigh-in on these decisions.

You can find more information on Andrew Lorinser’s campaign on his website,, or on his Facebook page.

We will continue to have profile pieces on all the Marquette City Commission candidates, pending their availability and willingness to participate. Stay tuned to Local 3 News for more.

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