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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — As days go on, cities and states across the county are taking precautions to keep the public safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The City of Marquette held their city commission meeting tonight, but via media outlets, such as public access television, along with their YouTube channel.

Members of the public were encouraged to join the discussion through e-mail and a call-in line for public comment.

Topics of discussion included the approval of funds for the Hurley Park playground renovation, a city financial report, and commission members spoke about the current status of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Does anybody remember the key phrase from Roosevelt’s speech? The one we still remember today,” asked Fred Stonehouse, Marquette City Commissioner.

“Quote, ‘all we have to fear, is fear itself,'”

Marquette City Commissioner Andrew Lorinser submitted his letter of resignation to the commission today due to his participation in the discussion of renaming Marquette Senior High School’s nickname of the “Redmen” and “Redettes”.

Members of the public were considered to recall Lorinser, but the commission accepted his letter of resignation during the meeting.

“I hope citizens agree that the circumstances were distinct and unpredictable,” said Andrew Lorinser, Former Marquette City Commissioner.

“I am disheartened that the debate over our high school nickname became so personal and so divisive. I hope the board of education makes a decision for the betterment of our community, however they see fit. I stand by my position on the issue, but I do not wish any further fraction in Marquette because of my service.”

The next Marquette City Commission meeting will take place on March 30th, with the meeting being televised through the same multiple media outlets.

For more information on how you can watch the next city commission meeting, click here for the City of Marquette’s YouTube channel or click here for the City of Marquette’s website.

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