Marquette County Board gives support to mining bill

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The Marquette County Board met tonight and added its name to the list of supporters for Michigan’s House Bill 4227.

It’s a proposal that would create a committee to look into the future of mining in Michigan.

Members would go over government policies impacting the mining industry among other things.

Chairman Gerry Corkin says mining can play an important role in the years ahead in the Upper Peninsula.

He adds, “We support mining in Marquette County. We’ve had it for over 160 plus years and it provided a lot of good jobs and supported a lot of good families in Marquette County. So, we support responsible mining and the good jobs and benefits that it pays to the people that live here.”

The House Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation voted unanimously to refer the bill to the next level which goes to the House Ways and Means Committee.

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