Marquette Police receive accreditation

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MARQUETTE — The Marquette Police Department was presented with full Police Accreditation status by the Directors of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police.

It’s a way to help law enforcement calculate and improve their overall performances.

The move acknowledges the implementation of written directives, policies, and procedures that are conceptually sound and effective.

Bob Stevenson and Neil Rossow of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police honored Chief Rieboldt and members of the Marquette Police Department earlier today for their efforts.

“I think what it does is that it takes a good police department and it makes it better, frankly. Marquette had a good police department. That’s certainly why we reached out to chief rieboldt, as a member of our commission, and he became very interested and got involved pretty quickly,” said Neil Rossow, Director of Professional Development for the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. “We have about 45 involved and with only 16 accredited now, so they are doing a heck of a job and we kind of like to say ‘you don’t need to be sick to get better,’ so every agency that’s gone through it has talked about improvement and I think they are already seeing some here where they didn’t have it policies or procedures in the past and have already come into situations where the things they have done to make accreditation have helped them.”

The Marquette Police Department plans to continue to find areas for improvement following this accreditation.

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