MARQUETTE, Mich.-With Christmas behind us, it’s on to New Year’s Eve and the annual festivities in downtown Marquette. It all starts at the lower harbor or dock with the final weekend of the laser light show that lights up the south-facing side of the ore dock with a dazzling animated laser light display. The exhibition culminates on New Year’s Eve after illuminating the lower harbor each weekend throughout December. This cutting-edge laser exhibition is produced by the fresh Coast light lab of Marquette and is projected onto the ore dock from the roof of the Hampton Inn. Travel Marquette’s CEO Susan Estler knows how unique the ore dock is.

“A lot of people from around you know at least the state if not around the country are interested in the laser show on the ore dock because the ore dock is so iconic, and it is the essence of Marquette.” Said Estler. “You can’t replicate that pretty much anywhere else. So, we’re really excited to be able to do that.”

 Once suitably impressed by the light show. You can suit up yourself with your best holiday finery and get ready to party. The Masonic arts theatre and innovation company is hosting its annual gala at the Marquette Masonic Center on New Year’s Eve. Dinner is at six, dancing and drinks start at nine, with a champagne toast at midnight just in time for the annual ball drop out front on Washington Street. Michael Bradford of the DDA sees something for everyone.

“So, this year has a pretty good schedule of things to do around downtown that are both free and provides a lot of good energy.” Said, Bradford.

The Marquette City Police Department will be adding officers to the area and extending shifts to adequately patrol downtown. Officer James Britton warns anyone who chooses to celebrate with alcohol to do so responsibly and plan ahead with a designated driver.

“The city has an ordinance on opening stock skins just because there are barricades up and there is an event going on downtown.” Said Britton. “We’re still not permitting people to have open intoxicants whether that be beer, liquor, marijuana, you’re not to be using that in the streets. You can be cited for that and that’s one of the things that the officers who were assigned to the ball drop event are going to be looking for.”

With weather looking good with above-freezing temperatures in the forecast. 2023 should be greeted by hundreds of happy revelers in downtown Marquette.