Earlier today the marquette rotary club partnered with the superior watershed and local girl scouts to plant trees around town. They worked together to plant trees and flowers to create a butterfly garden at Superior Hills Elementary and Sandy Knoll Elementary schools.

Sally Davis, a Rotary Club member, siad, “Rotary has an international mission to the environment, so this year they made some grants available to plant trees and pollinator gardens. We have one girl scout troop that meets at Superior Hills Elementary and we also have girls from Sandy Knoll Elementary. We are at Sandy Knoll planting native trees and a pollinator garden. Rotary really set out to empower girls to learn how to help the environment. I talked to one of the girl scouts here who has never planted anything, so we are trying to help them build the skills to let them know they can make a difference. We are really hoping the girls that are planting these trees get to watch them grow over the years. ” 

Jessie Myers, the Assistant Troop Leader, said, “Today we are planting 10 trees and a butterfly garden. Our girls are very excited. They mapped out their own school and how they wanted the butterfly garden to look and where they thought the trees would make the best impact on their own schools.”

Two of the scouts, Hannah and Mika, said they were very excited to be able to plant trees at their schools. They learned that trees can be made into paper and they hope animals will someday live in the trees they are planting today. “Squirrels need homes.”Rotary and girl scouts to plant trees