MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – There was no ‘case of the Mondays’ this week for Dave Smith of Marquette, who was awarded a brand new Dodge Charger and a new water heater at Menards on Monday. Smith won the prizes as the grand prize winner of Menards’ April 2022 Sweepstakes Promotion in partnership with Richmond Water Heating.

“It’s a wonderful day. You don’t win a vehicle every day,” Smith said. “So very appreciative, very thankful to Menards and to Richmond. It’s an added bonus, I wasn’t expecting the water heater, so that’s super.”

Menards holds the vehicle giveaway contests on a monthly basis. With the sweepstakes open to customers in all of Menards’ hundreds of locations, Menards Marquette General Manager Daniel Staley says it feels great to see a winner here locally in the UP.

“This is really fun to give stuff away to local folks,” Staley said. “The whole process you can kind of celebrate with them, since they are local and it’s just nice to see great prizes like this given away.”

Smith says when he first heard the good news in September, his first instinct told him someone was pulling his leg.

“Actually, we thought it was a scam. And Menards local office was so great at tracking us down and convincing us that it was legitimate,” Smith said. “And we understand that that is a common problem with scams so prevalent nowadays and people are naturally suspicious. But they were very persistent and we thank them for that too.”

To get involved in future giveaways, you can learn more about Menards sweepstakes here.