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With some areas in the U.P. predicted to get a foot or more of snow, it’s important that drivers have access to real-time information on road conditions.

There are a number of resources to check and see if traffic has slowed on the roads or if a roadway has been completely closed. One such resource is the MI Drive interactive website from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Mi Drive has cameras stationed along MDot roadways where you can check current conditions.
And it shows when traffic has slowed due to an accident, or if a road has been completely closed.

“From those sources you can get a general sense of what the road is going to be like,” says Dan Weingarten, Communications Representative for the MDOT Superior Region. “We also, over the last couple of years, have been outfitting our MDOT plows with cameras and position locators. So at that same website, Mi Drive, you can get the view of what it actually looks like on the road from the cockpit of a snow plow.”

You can access the site at this link.