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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) — Michigan Tech students may be able to go home by mid April to complete the winter semester online.

The Dean of Students wants to ensure their students safety and provide them with every option available, including a credit of $1100 dollars if they are able to complete courses from home.

“Not all students have a safe environment when they go home, so we want to make sure that it’s an option for them to stay here from a safety standpoint,” said Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs, Michigan Tech University.

Michigan Tech University transitioned from in-person to online classes 2 weeks ago.

With the continue spread of COVID-19, the university has provided students an option for them to complete the semester from home. But the Dean of Students knows that may not be an option for some students.

“Some students don’t have internet access it’s nearly impossible for them to complete classes in an online environment without that and then some students are international and other countries are allowing them to travel back or we’re not allowing them to leave depending on the circumstances.”

Students have been presented a $1100 credit if they are able and decide to complete the semester from home.

“When we sent the students information about the credit, we asked them to go online and complete a form. So again, we tried to give them the much choice as possible, so they could make a decision to either leave by April 12th and get this credit and make it either credited to their student account or re league or they could credit it to next years room and board, if they wanted to do that or they could choose to have it credited to 150 block meal plan for next year, so they some options to decide how they wanted to use the credit.”

Bonnie said that the university plans to reinforce the social distancing recommendations around campus to make sure students are abiding the Governor’s order.

Michigan Tech has all of their student services available online providing students support during this uncertain time.

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