‘MIHAN’: Health departments utilize alert system to conduct contract tracing

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — On Nov. 11, the Marquette County Health Department announced it would begin prioritizing contact tracing in response to increase in COVID-19 cases.

This includes children under 18, those working and living in high risk settings, and those at higher risk for severe illness.

In an effort to further streamline contact tracing, MCHD will begin using the Michigan Health Alert Network (MIHAN) to notify the public of COVID-19 positive results and exposure.

This alert will appear as a generated telephone call that will come from the phone number (866) 998-3678 or may show up on a caller ID as MIHAN.

“We recommend all citizens program this number into your cellphone in case you may become part of an exposure investigation in the future,” wrote Brianna Mileski, Director of Community Health at the Marquette County Health Department. “This way you will know it is a message from the local health department.”

The alert will contain information such as:

  • Positive COVID-19 diagnosis
  • Possible COVID-19 exposure within the community or local schools
  • Quarantine period duration

The alert will never contain personal health information about individuals.

“It is very important that you listen to the entire message,” wrote Mileski.

“At the end of the message please use our telephone keypad to acknowledge receipt of the message. These responses will let us know whether you understand the information. It is crucial that you select a response. This alert software will save considerable staff time and allow us to distribute information to the public with less delay. We appreciate your patience with this process.”

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