More than 50 Houghton Co. roads with damage from June 17 flood

Houghton County flood, June 17, 2018

The following roads in the Houghton County area have damage due to the damage from the June 17 flood. 

Roads with * are impassable.

Motorists are advised to drive with caution on these roads.

1. Houghton Canal Rd

2. Old Mill Rd*

3. Coles Creek Rd

4. Paradise Rd*

5. Pilgrim Rd

6. Boundary Rd

7. 7th St (Chassell)

8. Creamery Rd

9. Hamar St

10.Pewabic St (Ripley)

11.Military St. (Ripley)


13.Salo Rd*

14.Pontiac Rd*

15.Upper Forsman Rd

16.Lower Forsman Rd*

17.Lower Massie Rd

18.Tapiola Rd

19.Woodside Ln*

20.Goat Hill Rd*

21.Cemetery Rd

22.Baulman Rd


24.Red Barn

25.Beacon Hill/Toivola*

26.North Royce Rd*

27.Beagle Farm Rd

28.11th (Hubble)*

29.Bridge St(By Louies)

30.Oak Ridge

31.N. Spruce(TC)


33.4th St(TC)

34.7th St(TC)

35.8th St(TC)

36.W 8th(TC)


38.E. 12th(Hubbell)

39.Ave B(H)

40.E 13th(H)

41.E 15th(H)*

42.E 16th(H)

43.W 31st(LL)

44.W 32nd(LL)


46.W 15th(H)

47.W 14th(H)

48.W 12th(H)*

49.W 9th(H)

50.Superior View Rd

51.Agate Beach Rd


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