MSP hosts discussion at Brookridge Heights to protect against ID theft and scams

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MARQUETTE — Identity theft or scams can happen to anyone at any age. But today, the Michigan State Police held a discussion at Brookridge Heights Assisted Living & Memory Care to help protect seniors against these sort of crimes.

According to Michigan State Trooper Stacey Rasanen, scams come in many forms. Financial exploitation, charitable donations, telemarketing – and they happen in our area. 

In fact, she says that a common type of scam she sees on a regular basis is the Grandparent scam. “A child calling saying that they’ve been arrested or they’ve been written tickets, and now they’re in jail. We want grandparents to know not to send money right away, because it might be a scam,” Rasanen says. “Call somebody first, a family member, to verify “is that person in jail? Do they need help?”

There are ways to protect yourself against scams.

  • Be cautious when giving out any personal information, whether it’s online or over the phone
  • Shred documents with any personal information on them
  • Monitor you credit report
  • Look over your bank statements carefully
  • Trust your gut (if it seems too good to be true, it probably is)
  • Report any suspicions to local police department.

Rasanen added, ” I know that it feels really bad when you have that realization that you’ve been scammed out of something. But you should let your local law enforcement look at it and see if there is actually something that they can do for you.” 

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