New parking ordinances for Presque Isle

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MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Commission met to discuss a new parking ordinance near Black Rocks.

The Presque Isle Park Advisory Committee says vehicle congestion occurs frequently during the summer months.

This makes it difficult for visitors to enjoy the area and the amenities it has to offer.

Mike Angeli, City Manager, City of Marquette said, The parking problems that have been created are that there are so many vehicles and the road is so narrow near the Black Rocks that it blocks access for emergency vehicles if they need to go out there, it blocks access for just regular vehicles that are trying to traverse the island because they are forced to one side or the other and often people they tend to park wherever they think they’ll fit and that often shuts down a lot of the traffic.

People will only be allowed to park in the designated parking area around the Black Rocks.

Signs will be put up around Presque Isle describing the new parking ordinances.

People could eventually get a ticket if they don’t follow the rules.

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