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MARQUETTE COUNTY — Continued development in Marquette Township is replacing traffic signals at two busy intersections with the two roundabouts. One will be at Brickyard Road near Lowe’s and Best Buy. The other will be at County Road 492 near Walmart and Target.

Dan Weingarten, Communications Representative, Michigan Department of Transportation: The advantages of removing the signals from these intersections and putting in a roundabout is going to be for traffic flow, smoothing that traffic flow, and also eliminating turn based crashes.

Since 2010, roundabouts have been implemented in high traffic areas in Marquette County and they’ve made a difference.

Weingarten said, The roundabouts we’ve installed in other parts of the system here in Marquette County have been working really well on that front. So, they are big safety improvement.

The roundabouts are not the only new additions to the area.

The tunnel is a big part of it too, I mean this is a key piece of the recreation infrastructure for the township, said Weingarten. It’s going to connect the Iron Ore Heritage Trail with the trail system off to the north and provide a way for people on foot, bicycle, snowmobile to get across the highway without having to cross on the same level as the cars and trucks are.

Two lanes will be open in each direction for much of the project. Later stages will have each direction of traffic reduced to one lane. Expect delays for traffic shifts, lane closures and temporary traffic signals.

The project is expected to be completed in June of next year.

For more information regarding the new roundabouts and highway tunnel, click here.

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