New Year’s increase in gym memberships amidst COVID-19


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – A common New Year’s resolution is to get active, two gyms in Marquette county expect to see new members joining despite the pandemic.

In Marquette, the Director of Operations for Anytime Fitness, Chris Zanders, says they’ve been busy with both new and current members.

“The energy here has been electric honestly, people have been coming out throughout the entire day both new people coming in for memberships as well as all of our consistent members and getting a great workout,” said Zanders.

His advice for people with new fitness goals is to stay consistent and stick with a plan.

“We can’t do everything at once, we’re not going to go from fit to unfit we’re not going to go from what we’re eating now to a perfect diet but the biggest thing is just making one step at a time and setting goals for yourself so this is a perfect time to do that,” said Zanders. “Set a goal for 2021 and just start moving, if that means a gym membership if that means moving on your own then graduating to something like this it’s just so important to start moving, start taking awareness of what we’re doing on a daily basis.”

At the Anytime Fitness in Harvey, office manager Brett Jenshak says the day was relatively slow. He sold two new memberships but several people were there working out during the afternoon. He says people are likely to be recuperating from New Year’s celebrations, working or waiting until Monday to kick off their resolution to work out more.

“Usually the busiest day after the New Years’ is Monday,” said Jenshak. “That’s when people get back to a normal schedule and try to get back to normal life and when they try to execute their resolutions.”

Jenshak anticipates this year’s New Year’s increase in gym memberships to be slightly less than in previous years.

“That’s been the overall trend for the last six months due to COVID-19 but as of the last couple months we have seen an uptick in membership so I guess we’ll see,” said Jenshak.

Due to COVID-19 gyms are following tighter precautions to keep their patrons safe. At both locations there are several stations of wipes for cleaning machines and hand sanitizer.

“We’re doing our best to social distance, we clean this gym for about three hours a day four or five some days when it’s really busy,” said Jenshak. “The members are wiping down all the machines, staying socially distanced while working out, we also have a temperature gauge so each member that comes in gets their temperature checked and if they’re high or low we ask them to come back another time and if they’re good they can work out.”

Some machines are closed off in the Harvey location to enforce physical distancing. Both locations have 24 hour access so patrons can spread out the times they are there and allow for more space in the building.

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