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MARQUETTE — Some may have heard about the man who was fined for leaving his truck running unattended – but after a truck caught fire this morning on McClellan Avenue, leaving the truck unattended may have saved this vehicle owner’s life.

The Marquette Fire Department was able to put out the flames in a short amount of time. 
Thankfully, no injuries were reported.
“Owner of the vehicle was driving it. It stopped on the street, apparent electrical problem with the vehicle. He went to get some help to get it off the street, he came back and it was smoldering,” Captain Dean Mallos of the Marquette Fire Department said. “So he called us and we were able to extinguish it quickly with very little amount of water. But as you can see, pretty extensive damage to the vehicle.” 
Fire officials also said that keeping up with typical vehicle maintenance is crucial in helping prevent electrical fires, especially this time of year.