MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – A new venue is coming to South Marquette. Located off of Highway 41, the venue has a front-row view of Lake Superior. The new venue, named Park Place, is on track to open its doors very soon to all yooper events.

“It was part of the Birchmont Hotel, you could rent it out, but previous to that, the owners had this house built in 1994 to be their primary residence, and then after they passed away,” Nicole Lasich the Park Place Event Coordinator said. “My understanding is they rented it out as the 32nd room of the Birchmont Motel.”

The venue doesn’t just offer an inside space though. Behind the building, a tent will set up to accommodate bigger parties as well.

“Inside of the house we would like to host graduation parties, bachelorette, baby showers, Any party that you can think of, anniversary parties,” Lasich said. “And when outdoors and I think the tent is primarily going to be weddings.”

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, many events had to be pushed back, postponed, and rescheduled. Lasich says that she is excited about the future.

“2020 was so much fun,” Lasich said. “And we have a lot of people reschedule, and now that Park Place is going to be up and running, we are hoping to get some of that overflow from the indoor restriction being 25. But Park Place can have an outdoor event right now Michigan says 300 will be our right.”

In honor of Park Place’s deep Marquette roots, Lasich thought it would only be right to add a little touch from the area. Throughout the house, paintings from Marquette artist Elizabeth Howe can be found like in the upstairs sitting area and hanging above the piano in the living room.

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