SAWYER, Mich. (WJMN) – The AirPower History Tour, hosted by the Commemorative Air Force, visited Sawyer International Airport Tuesday, August 2 and Wednesday, August 3. Visitors are able to tour and purchase rides on historic World War II era planes.

“You know, our mission is to educate, honor and inspire,” said  Allen Benzing, the Aircraft Commander of B-29 Superfortress and B-24 Liberator. “And we do that by bringing that actual aircraft out to us, to all of you. And instead of it being in a museum where you can only look, here you can look, touch, get inside of and actually purchase rides and fly in. So you have some appreciation for what it felt like and sounded like for crews going on their missions.”

Airplanes available for tours and rides include one of only two remaining B-25 Liberators, the Diamond Lil, the world famous Superfortress FIFI, and World War II trainer planes, the T-6 Texan, and the PT-17.

“Well it’s a, first of all, rare opportunity,” said Benzing. “You know, we’re here for the very first time. It’s been beautiful, they’ve been welcoming. Wonderful airport, but it’s hard to say whether we will be back next year or the year after, we hope to. So I would say that it’s an opportunity that should not be missed. And just seeing the aircraft up close I think is a very interesting, memorable experience and certainly if you’re riding in it, you’ll find it very fascinating.”

Tours will continue throughout the day on Wednesday and a few airplane rides are still available.

If you want to know more about the schedule or sign up for an airplane ride, you can find their website here.