MUNISING, Mich (WJMN) – From traditional flavors to gummy bear, Gitche Gumee Brat Company is grilling up something everyone can enjoy. The idea for this came from the passion Joe and Beth Norton had for cooking with their seven sons. Looking for a way to give their kids real-world experience, the business was born.

“We really enjoy working together,” Joe Norton said. “It is a different environment than just bossing them around at home. Here they have taken their own job and it’s their thing, They tell each other here is what happened and it’s really been a cool experience watching them kinda own a piece of this puzzle and do their thing.”

Thomas Norton, one of the seven Norton siblings says having your parents as your boss and your siblings as your co-workers have its perks.

“It gives you a real bonding time with your family and it also is really fun to travel around and do stuff like that with your family,” Thomas Norton said.

The Gitche Gumee crew is always up for a challenge and offers their own rendition of some classic brat flavors as well as some very unique ones.

“So we have taken inspiration from around the United States and their flavor profile to kinda make our own place,” Joe Norton said. “The frozen ones, we’ve taken anything from challenges people have given us to just things that we think sound good. So things like a Philly cheesesteak…as a brat.”

William, Steve, and Thomas Norton, three of the older Norton siblings each have their own take on which brat they would recommend.

Steve’s suggestion: “The Windy” because he likes to make it and it uses a variety of toppings.

Thomas’s suggestion: “The Space” because it is a different flavor combination with the cream cheese that is unique and something people wouldn’t think of.

William’s suggestion: “The 4 pack of frozen cheeseburger brats” because they taste better than an actual cheeseburger.

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