BIG BAY, Mich. (WJMN) – Bay Cliff Health Camp is getting ready for its seven-week Children’s Summer Therapy Camp, but the camp can’t go on if they are not able to fill a required position. The camp is in serious need of a summer nurse. The camp is required to have a licensed nurse at the camp at all times to keep the kids safe, and if not, they can’t have a camp.

“Our staff arrives on June 12,” said Seth Rowles, Camp Director, Bay Cliff Health Camp. “And so we have about a week of staff orientation and so that’s where our nurses would be oriented into the Health Cottage which is where they’ll work during the summer. That’s where they are getting familiar with our kids and their medical needs and their medication. That’s where they are connecting with our camp physician, Dr. Mike Nidiffer. We have some former nurses who will come up and train during that week so people can be familiar and feel safe doing their job. And then, the children arrive June 18 and June 19 so that’s our opening weekend and then they stay, the same kids for seven weeks, stay for seven weeks until August 6 and so a commitment would be pretty much your whole summer. Our nurses stay on site and get free room and board as well as being compensated with pay.”

Rowles says ideally, they would like three nurses to balance the workload, but they need at least one to move forward with the camp.

“The opportunity we provide is if anyone is interested in pediatric nursing or gaining experience in pediatric nursing, you will not get an experience as in depth as the one with us because not only are you providing them with medical care which is amazing and our children kind of run the full gamete of disability,” said Rowles. “And so, a lot of experience with special needs children especially. But you get to kind of see them at meals, you get to build a rapport and connection with them in their units. You get to learn about what their day-to-day life really looks like. And so, for anyone who is really thinking about either transitioning into a more pediatric focus or starting their career and really thinking about like this is something I want to do. Like, not only does it look good on a resume because you can speak about children with cerebral palsy, children with spina bifida, children with rare genetic disorders that you have worked with and built a relationship with, but you also get to know what it’s like to be them. Whereas I think like even in a hospital, like you’re really only seeing one little sliver of what their life looks like, but you get the whole view of their experiences as well as getting to work side by side with physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, we’re giving you the full array of lifestyle for our kids.”

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