MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – A first of its kind festival for Marquette makes its debut on October 7 and 8 in Tourist Park. It’s a music festival with a focus on cannabis.

Logan Stauber, Co-owner and Co-CEO of The Fire Station talked with us about the development and approval of the festival being held within city limits.

“It’s just the progression of our industry. It really is the destigmatization of cannabis. It’s amazing to see a city and municipality to approve an event of this kind. If we went back five years ago, this would have never happened. It’s huge for the industry. It’s huge for our company and others that are going to be with us. We’ve got brands from around the state. More importantly it’s educating the public on the benefits of cannabis,” said Stauber.

Open consumption of cannabis is allowed anywhere in the park during the festival, but outside cannabis is not allowed. Clear plastic bags are encouraged for anyone coming through the gates and larger bags are subject to searches.

“So open consumption means one or the other. So cannabis or alcohol but not both. We have designated areas for each. There is an alcohol vendor here where there is a beer garden. Cannabis is able to be consumed anywhere within the park,” added Stauber.

The event is for people 21 and older. ID’s will be checked at the gate.

No parking is available at Tourist park. Guests are encouraged to park at Westwood mall. Buses will be running every 15 minutes back and forth from the mall to the park.

An estimated 2,000 people are expected. Organizers hope the number reaches closer to 3,000.

Headlining the event are artists like Sublime with Rome, Afroman, Floozies, and Asher Roth. Local and regional musicians will be featured as well.

Additional details of the event are available here.