MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Carters have their Christmas lights up and will have them lit every night until the New Year.


The lights will be on from when the sun goes down, until around 10 P.M. on weeknights. On the weekends they will stay on a little longer, on Christmas Eve they will stay on until Midnight. John Carters, says they started putting up the lights in October.

“First part of October we’ll just do the big things you know flying reindeer things that take a little extra and then we try to finish up by the first of December,” said Carters. “But you know a few days ago, I’m still putting stuff out so it’s like a never ending project or a hobby.”


He’s been decorating for Christmas since 1996 and it’s grown every year.

“It’s grown over the years, it first started out with a couple deer and, you know, 20 sets of lights and then it just escalated and every year after that you just see something and either that or my wife will come up with some great ideas and we’ll go from there,” said Carters.


This year the nativity scene and an inflatable unicorn are new.

“I have a manger scene right on the other side of the driveway a gentleman up in National Mine gave me some rough cut logs,” said Carters. “It’s just some rough cut logs and we handmade the manger scene out of those logs.”


Carters says he puts up the display because of the joy it brings to the community.

“The joy it brings to the community, you know you get a lot of people especially you know this year in particular we himmed and hawed about even decorating this year and it just got to the point where it’s like you know the community needs something,” said Carters.

People can visit 1313 N. Vandenboom Ave in Marquette and walk through the light display. They are asking that people wear a mask or scarf and maintain physical distance from other groups.

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