MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Once again, Marquette Fringe is lighting up the stage at Lakenenland Sculpture Park for the Fall Phantasm Festival of Myth and Fire on October 7 from 3 -11 p.m.

“The Fall Phantasm this year is going to be so big. There’s a lot of moving parts to it, there’s a lot of different performances throughout the day,” said Laith Crow.

Crow is participating in one of the hottest performances as a fire spinner. There will be fire performances popping up throughout the day at the festival, but Crow’s particular role in the day has to do with the finale.

“We bring it all together at the very end, kind of like the fireworks at the end of the day, and end it with a big shebang,” said Crow. “This year, though, we have 20 fire spinners that will be incorporated in this, which is the largest we’ve ever had.”

Crow said there’s a few surprises they’re warming up for everyone.

“I have a guest coming all the way from Madison, Wis.; Cass Marie Domino,” said Crow. “She’s a former nationalist title holder. We are going to be featuring her and we have a very special thing happening with her…we’re kind of keeping that under wraps, but it’s going to be big.”

But besides the exciting surprises, Crow said it’s the community response that keeps his flame ignited.

“You’re playing with fire, you’re tossing it in the air, it’s coming at you, you’re moving it, you’re surrounded by it,” said Crow. “The sounds that it makes, the warmth that it brings, and then when you bring it and put it into this movement and it’s a synchronized movement…you just see come over [people’s] faces and you’re just like, ‘yes! Yes, yes!’ and it just keeps you going.”

The Fall Phantasm is free for all attendees, but donations are encouraged. You can also purchase VIP tents for a group for the day, and you can also sign up to volunteer. All the information plus an event schedule can be found on