Cooking with Alex: Celebrating local food and squash tips

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – This year’s Marquette Local Food Fest is online this year. Falling for Food, Virtually is a three week long social media campaign that will focus on celebrating the partners who have helped the MQT Local Food Fest become what it represents today.

The public is invited to follow along with the MQT Local Food Fest Facebook and Instagram pages for relevant content, including giveaways, live and pre-recorded videos, information about local sales, restaurant specials and fun approachable ways for consumers to become more familiar with the folks behind their food. There will also be opportunities to give back and support educational efforts around food and agriculture. 

The MQT Local Food Fest is put on by Taste the Local Difference, Michigan’s Local Food Marketing Agency, in collaboration with numerous area food and agriculture businesses and organizations.

Alex Palzewicz with Taste the Local Difference also showed viewers a few different varieties of squash because fall is here. Learn more by visiting this past Taste the Difference Blog Post.

Varieties of Squash to watch for at your local markets:

• Acorn: mild, subtly sweet and nutty. Fun fact, you can eat the skin!
• Buttercup: sweet (often sweeter than other varieties) and smooth. The flesh can be dry, so this variety works well for steaming, baking, or adding to curry.
• Butternut: very sweet, smooth flesh. One of the sweetest varieties of winter squash. Perfect for soups, roasting, sauteing, or baking in pies, cookies, and breads.
• Delicata: mildly sweet flavor (some liken it to sweet potatoes) with a creamy, smooth flesh and thin, edible skin. Ideal for roasting, a quick saute or stuffing.
• Hubbard: rich, sweet pumpkin flavor. Versatile substitute for any other winter squash.
• Kobocha: nice nutty flavor and balanced sweetness with a texture similar to sweet potatoes and pumpkin.
• Pie Pumpkin: starchy and sweet flesh. Great addition to chili, soups, and, of course, baked goods.
• Spaghetti: tender and chewy texture with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. Least sweet of all winter squash. Great pasta substitute.
• Sweet Dumpling: starchy and sweet flesh. Great for stuffing and roasting.

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