MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — A Marquette resident noticed a fury creature roaming around a wooded area across from his home.

Ian Altobello, Ishpeming native and local entrepreneur, saw a coyote from his bedroom window Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s interesting to see a natural predator in the city limits.”

“I randomly just happen to look out the window,” said Altobello. “It’s 20 yards from the road and nobody has seen yet. I had to pull my partner aside and said ‘you gotta come look at this,’ and it was almost like I was watching a scene out of ‘Plant Earth‘.

Altobello narrated what he saw when a group of deer moved closer to the coyote.

“There was a big rock bluff right where this coyote runs and the deer were betting on top of it and I was watching the coyote below the rock, he could smell the deer, but it didn’t know where they were. The deer, with their great scent, started to play a game of back off, trying to scare the coyote away, but then started to stomp its’ leg and blowing and then when it got really close the deer charged at it and the coyote ran away.”

Altobello said he has seen a coyote across from his apartment multiple times Thursday as well.

“I was watching it this morning too and there’s a guy taking out his garbage and it’s literally a 100 yards away.”

Altobello said that he wanted to make the public aware of a coyote in the neighborhood, so he posted a video to his Facebook.

The coyote was spotted near West Ridge Street between Lincoln and North McClellan Ave in Marquette.

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