MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – The Marquette County Police and Firefighters’ Ball is looking forward to another successful year. The fourth annual event is more than just an excuse to dress up, dance the night away and show appreciation to our first responders here in the Upper Peninsula.

“It’s kind of grown over the years to be that a lot of times we’ve come where the sponsorships and donations are more than enough to pay for the event,” Ashley Musselman, the President of the Marquette County Police and Firefighters’ Fund Board of Directors said. “So what we’ve been doing is focusing on is what can we do with those additional funds, and we’ve been able to donate to charities and we’ve been able to help with different causes and in the community.”

Despite the hardships of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event still found ways to make an impact.

“In 2021, when we had to cancel the ball, we decided with the additional funds that we would reach out to each one of the departments and see if there was something specific that they were in need of,” Musselman said.

The Powell Township Volunteer Fire Department was one of the recipients who received that funding last year.

“We got water safety helmets for people, headlamps for those helmets, we have rescue knives that go on our vests and we got strobe lights,” Christopher Sutter, the Fire Chief with the Powell Township Fire Department said.

Supplies like these are essential for departments like Powell Township. With the department covering over 40 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, it is important they are prepared fully for any task.

“The Marquette Coast Guard is about a half-hour away if we have a water emergency,” Sutter said. “So we need to be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently and without that water safety gear, our guys wouldn’t don’t have the equipment to do the job.”

The Marquette County Police and Firefighters’ Ball is set for Saturday, January 29 at the Northern Center on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

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