ISHPEMING, Mich. (WJMN) – It’s no secret that eating fruits and vegetables is good for our health, but Partridge Creek Farm took food education one step further by having students grow and sell their own food on Tuesday.

“Today is the third annual fifth grade student farm stand here at our school garden at Ishpeming Middle/High School,” said May Tsupros, director of Partridge Creek Farm. “This is kind of the third year in a row that we closed out the season, harvested all the vegetables, and then the students each get a couple of those vegetables with a group and they set up a farm stand and they sell those vegetables to the community during the school day.”

The Student Farm Stand is a part of Partridge Creek Farm’s Farm to School Program, which focuses on a variety of topics related to farming.

“They are learning a lot about growing and eating healthy food but that other piece is that understanding growing food can also turn into a career path and you can sell your food and be a farmer and entrepreneurs,” said Tsupros. “So, they’re pricing their vegetables they’re understanding that another group might have the same product and how they can be competitive in the market. They’re learning how to market their food, package it, put it on the table, make it look beautiful. They’re also learning relationship skills, they’re learning about leadership, how to work as a team. There are all kinds of lessons in there beyond just the food.”

Fifth Grader Kendyll Longstaff already plans to use the skills she’s learned from the program.

“I really like learning and growing in the garden. that’s like my family[‘s] thing. I want to start a garden, I want to make a garden,” said Longstaff.

From carrots to potatoes, the students had all the ingredients you may need for a tasty meal. The money collected from the Student Farm Stand will go back into the Farm to School program.

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