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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Sharon Parsons, a third-grade teacher at Father Marquette, will receive $2,500 from the State Farm Teacher Assist grant to support innovative ideas in her classroom.

Parsons says she wrote the grant to help get some animals for her classroom.

“I’m very excited because this year we can’t really do a lot of field trips or go out so this is kind of like bringing something in for them to get excited about science,” said Parsons. “So I’m very excited, the kids are going to be very excited they’re already like trying to figure out what kind of animals to get.”

The class will take a vote on what animal they’ll be welcoming into their classroom.

“They kind of are surprisingly wanting the hamsters and the fish because I think that’s what they’re used to and then so we’re going to kind of vote and see what everybody wants,” said Parsons.

Parsons says having a classroom pet can help teach students to care for an animal and also be used in teaching school subjects.

“Animals will help in the classroom in every subject, in the science classroom they will be used as more like learning tools they be how to take care of animals, what habitat do the animals come from and then we talk about life cycles and go from there,” said Parsons. “Things like in reading, they can read about the animal and writing, they can write all about the animal so it’s just going to kind of foster some really great learning in this classroom.”

The grant was awarded to 40 teachers across the State of Michigan but Parsons is the only teacher in the Upper Peninsula to receive it.

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