MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Marquette City Fire Department was dispatched to 1021 W. Washington St, The Superior Suds Laundry, for reports of a possible appliance fire. The Marquette City  Fire Department was notified by dispatch while in route to the incident that they received a second stating that there was now smoke coming from the roof. 

First Due Engine arrived and notified Central they were on scene and they did have black smoke coming from an exhaust vent on the east side of the roof. Officer on First Due Engine opened front door and had heavy smoke conditions inside the laundromat. Adjoining business was then evacuated. Second Due engine arrived and Battalion Chief assumed Command. Two MFD personnel made entry and located the fire in a commercial dryer unit. Fire was extinguished using a Class A water extinguisher. Entire area was then searched for any victims, with the building being found vacated. Interior door to maintenance area and rear entrance had to be forced to gain access. Power and gas supply to the dryer unit involved were shut off. Rear door to laundry was then opened and exterior crews started removing smoke with the use of a PPV fan. Property owners were contacted and representatives were on scene shortly after. Damage was contained to the dryer involved and the one above it.  

The Marquette City Fire Department was assisted at the scene by the Marquette Police Department.