MARQUETTE Mich. (WJMN) – Fox Fuels My Fourth was held in Marquette Negaunee Friday afternoon. Fox Motors gave each customer that showed up to the event a $50 gas gift card to help with travel this holiday weekend. As gas prices rise, this act of kindness brought some excitement to members of the community.

“People get excited for it,” said Luke Hubbard, the General Manager for Fox Motors in Marquette. “We’ve had people calling us since 7:30 this morning asking us when and where and we’ve kinda had to keep it a secret, because otherwise, you know, we do have budgets otherwise they’d be gone in two minutes. We’ve already had to go back in and restock at all of our locations already. I’ve been on the phone with everybody and it’s just a cool event. You know gas prices are high right now and we just want to fill some tanks for people.”

Fox Motors held this event as a part of their Fox Cares campaign. They will be hosting other events throughout the year, so if you missed this one, check out their Fox Cares page here to learn more.