MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – The forth annual Fox Fuels My Fourth will be on Friday, July 1st. Fox Motors will be providing costumers with $50 in gas per customer for the holiday weekend. The Fox Motors team will be out in the community giving back to their customers. There is a limited supply and they plan on spending over $14,000 on gas for this event. They started this tradition as a part of Fox CARES as a way to give back to their customers, community and employees.

In order to qualify for the $50 worth of gas, you must have both a Fox Head badge and Fox Motors license plate frame on your vehicle. The event starts at 2:00 PM on Friday July, 1.

Here is a list of the Fox Motors Dealerships Regions that will be participating:

Grand Rapids, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Cadillac, MI
Marquette, MI
Negaunee, MI
Traverse City, MI

The gas station locations will be announced at the start of the event on their social media page. To see those announcements or learn more about this opportunity, find their Facebook page here and their website here.